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    Benefits of Delta Mu Delta Membership

Lifetime Recognition for Outstanding Academic Achievement

An invitation to join the Delta Mu Delta chapter on your campus confirms that you have a proven track record of working hard to achieve excellence in your studies. It shows that you have the knowledge and drive to succeed in a business career. Membership in Delta Mu Delta is the highest international recognition you can earn. List it on your resume as a signal to future employers of your record. Wear the DMD Key and display your certificate at your place of work.

Networking Opportunities

Membership in Delta Mu Delta creates a network of 150,000 members who share your passion for excellence and can help you continue your education by “learning on the job.” At the Delta Mu Delta LinkedIn page (Click here) and Facebook page (Click here) to create peer-to-peer networking and enhance job searches. You can join regional groups, business specialty groups, and chapter groups and create a group that reflects your interests. Many campus chapters provide events for alumni members to network with corporate and continue their education with speaker events.

You can also join DMD Connect. DMD Connect is a mobile platform that creates a private community for DMD members, both alumni and students, to utilize for professional development, networking opportunities, and mentoring. Benefits of DMD Connect include access to an alumni directory, while also gaining access to job boards. Alumni employers are also able to save money on recruitment processes by posting job opportunities on the platform, free of charge. Members may also provide one another with career development advice and interact with others by creating and sharing events within the DMD Connect app. The platform also integrates both Facebook and LinkedIn, so that when members and alumni update their contact info via those social media platforms, it also updates automatically on the app. DMD Connect allows you to build your own personal profile, connect with other users, and finally puts an end to the cycle of losing touch with your fellow alumni.

Scholarship Program

Delta Mu Delta prides itself on the scholarship opportunities we offer our members, each March a new year brings a new application process. To find out more about our annual scholarship award program, click here.

Acknowledgment for Federal Employment

Membership in Delta Mu Delta fulfills one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level in numerous professional and technical positions within federal service. This enables DMD members to start their government career at a higher level of salary than might otherwise be possible.

Magazine Subscriptions

Delta Mu Delta members have access to discounted subscriptions from some of the top business magazines today. Plus, a complimentary one-year subscription to Fortune Magazine is provided to every new DMD member! You receive your first issue 8-14 weeks after accepting your invitation to membership.

Leadership Opportunities

See the Organization page for how this chapter is organized.  We provide many mentored leadership opportunities in Human Resources, Program Management, Project Management, and General Management. There are often opportunities for committee membership with certain projects as well.

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